Q: Do you do/offer a trial?
A: Yes! We call it “preview”. Our previews take place once our Brides are booked and they usually take place a month or two prior to the wedding. Only Brides and Quinceañeras have previews. Most previews are scheduled from 10am -2pm mainly on weekdays.
Q: What happens in a preview?
A: We will discuss what look you are going for—e.g. natural, sultry, glamorous, etc.—and how we can achieve your desired style. We may test some colors and application styles to see how they look.
Q: Is my preview mandatory?
A: Yes, would you buy a wedding dress without trying it on before your wedding day? You want to ensure that you’re happy with the makeup you’re wearing on your special day and the preview is when we work all of that out. On your wedding day, it’s pretty chaotic and fast-paced. There isn’t time to decide whether you want crisp, black winged eyeliner or smoky chocolate liner. The trial is when we set up a plan, so that we can avoid unexpected hiccups. Also, your skin might not be in the best condition before your wedding day. Makeup applies differently based on how healthy your skin is. You may need time to start hydrating it, get waxed, etc., and the preview is when we identify those things.
Q: What should I bring with me the day of my preview?
A: Please arrive with a skincare and makeup free. It's important that you wear a face and a top the same color of your dress. Bridal makeup is designed to work against the brightness of the dress, and what can look a bit ‘meh’ in your grey jumper will come alive in the right light. As far as inspiration looks you can save pictures from Pintrest (prior to the preview) and make an album that you can share with me prior or the day of the preview. If you are not too tech savvy you can donmagazine spreads, and other materials you would like me to review. Bring your laptop, your iPad or your scrapbook—it’s all good! You can show me as much as you like. The style of the dress does have a lot of impact on the makeup style, even the shoes or head pieces/veil. Everything you show me helps to build a good picture and give me an idea of the feel and heart of your wedding.
Q: Can I bring someone to the preview?
A: Absolutely! Bring along a bridesmaid or your sister, best friend, Mom, etc.
Q: I don’t know what I want, can you help me?
A: Yes, I can; however, when it comes to makeup looks, having some sort of direction or a slight idea is really essential. The difference between verbalizing your ideas and showing it to me is what will make your makeup work. Your idea of warm grey can be another girl’s taupe, brown and purple. Your idea of natural is another girl’s overdone. As almost any other artist, I’m very visual, so please show me your ideas to better help you.
Q: I don’t know whether I like my makeup the way you did it....
A: To put it plainly, if you don’t like it, tell me. Say it while we’re still there with my kit out and brushes in hand. The previewl is exactly for this reason! As a makeup artist, my job is to make you happy and ensure that you look your very best. If you’re not sure about something, we can tweak it until we ace it. This is why the trials are scheduled to take longer than a regular makeup application .
Q: Can you tweeze and shape my brows the day of my photo shoot/event/wedding?
A: Tweezing and shaping brows on the day of any photography event is not recommended. Many people are sensitive to waxing or tweezing for many hours after the service; some even have allergic reactions, especially when exposed to new products and methods of hair removal. Time is valuable on photography sets, as photographers expect things to roll quite steadily and as quickly as possible. For brides, brows should be waxed at least three days before the event, whether a shoot or wedding, where professional makeup application is scheduled.
Q: How far in advance should I book a service?
A: As soon as you know, you should inquire for services. I often book events up to one year in advance.
Q: I have seen makeup artist that charge $50 or way less than you do for wedding makeup per face. Can I get the same rate with you for my special day?
A: My rates are competitive with those makeup artists who reflect my level of skill, knowledge and experience, and what my clients are currently paying for my personal services.
Q: I want my makeup to last all night! Can you apply more than usual?
A: Please don’t be fooled into believing that the makeup needs to be any heavier. It doesn’t. You’re getting married, not performing on stage under a spotlight. You do need to increase your definition and switch your usual brown mascara to black. Bridal makeup is designed for longevity.
Q: Why should I hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding?
A: Your wedding is a singular event, a moment in time that you will remember and cherish forever. It’s a big investment—an investment in memories. Consider how much you will be investing in your photographer. You’re making that investment so that your memories will be preserved beautifully in photos. The type of makeup you are wearing and the way it is applied can affect the way you look in your photos. Makeup applied for everyday wear is much different than makeup for photography. Some products can make your complexion appear ghostly white or oily, or they can oxidize on the skin and appear too dark or orange. If not applied specifically for photos and to withstand a long event, your makeup could break down, you could become shiny, or you could appear as if you’re not wearing makeup at all in your photos. In ten years, no one will remember what your cake looked like, how it tasted, or what flowers were on each table. What they will remember is how beautiful you looked, and the most important keepsake from your wedding will be your photos. Hiring a professional makeup artist (as well as photographer) is like a form of insurance on your photos and your level of relaxation.
Q: I know how to do my own makeup and I'm very picky. Can you do my wedding makeup the way I do my makeup on a daily basis?
A: Your own everyday makeup is an important consideration in creating your special look. If you have a signature look or style that makes you who you are, let me know. If you’re used to wearing kohl on the inner rim of your eye, you will not like it without. So show me pictures. Failing that, tell me what you like. Please note: I am not here to recreate your usual makeup or take time guessing what you usually do. That could be really hard and can create tension if an artist is made to feel like we’re being tested to see whether we agree with your daily makeup choices. Recreating your daily makeup look exactly will be quite impossible and also a big old waste of your money!).
Q: How long does it take to apply the makeup?
A: Application times vary depending on the needs, wants and style of makeup you want, but these are some general guidelines: Bride: 35 minutes -1.5 hour (Time depends whether it’s a cultural Wedding or more complex style). Attendants: 30 to 45 minutes. Flower Girls: 10 minutes. Men: 10 to 15 minutes (longer if covering blemishes). Prom, Quinceañera or Bat Mitzvah Makeup : 30 - 45 minutes.
Q: I wear a Veil (Hijab). Do you have a special section in your studio for us to remove the veil?
A: My studio is located inside my home, in a separate room, with a separate bathroom to provide you with maximum privacy and ensure extreme comfort to all female clients, regardless of whether they wear a veil. There is also an area to pray if needed and at your convenience.
Q: What happens if someone wants her makeup done at the last minute? Can you accommodate?
A: If time permits, I will gladly do their makeup as long as it does not interfere with the original clients who have already booked my services.
Q: Do I have to sign the Service Agreement for makeup services?
A: Yes. Absolutely! The Bridal Services Agreement protects both you and me. It outlines exactly what our obligations are to each other as artist and client, so there are no misunderstandings or confusion at all. NO SERVICE AGREEMENT SIGNED = NO SERVICES GUARANTEED.
Q: Are there any additional service fees besides the makeup application?
A: Applicable service fees will be added to the final invoice as needed and if applicable. Ask us for more details if this applies to your event: Extended Travel or Destination weddings or early start (before 8AM). Please keep in mind that additional fees apply for Holidays such as: New Years Eve/Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day , Thanksgiving (weekend -ThursdaySunday), Christmas Day/Eve, Veterans Day/ Weekend.
Q: Can I invite you to my wedding so you can do touchups for free?
A: No. Although I usually become great friends and build professional relationships with my brides, inviting me to your wedding to squeeze in a free service isn’t something I will agree too. Not only is it odd to attend a party I don’t know anyone there, but trust me when I tell you that the last thing you will care about is your makeup! Once you make it to the reception, your only concern will be having fun and dancing the night away with your beau! However, if you do need a service to touch up several times, there is an applicable hourly fee that’s probably cheaper than the plate you’ll have to pay for me and my husband to attend the wedding.
Q: Do I have to tip you? Will you be offended if I don’t?
A: If you are hiring me for a service and wish to leave a tip, it’s completely acceptable. In my experience, 80/90% of brides tip on the day of the wedding, but far less tip for the preview. Personally, I consider a tip to be extra frosting on the cake and I’m always very grateful that my service was appreciated. I don’t expect a tip and I don’t think less of my clients who don’t tip. The best tip for me is a very happy client who refers me to her friends, family or blogs. However, I can’t speak for everyone and I know that many artists do feel slighted and expect a gratuity on the day of the wedding.