“I’m a very picky person and I never had a pleasant experience with a makeup artist; not because they’re not good, but because It’s hard for me to like what’s on my face!!!! So one day I was searching for a makeup artist for my wedding day and I was so desperate that my old experiences with makeup will be repeated at my wedding day!!! Which is the most important day for every woman!! So I found Sandra, on Facebook and I liked her work and how she shows the before and after on each client. I met Sandra and talked to her. She’s not just a makeup artist!! She becomes your friend and the person you really wanna meet and talk to before your wedding!!! She gave me confidence and told me how to take care of my skin and how I should sleep and relax. Honestly, I was so scared when my wedding day came. The only thing I was thinking of is how am I gonna look!!! Guess what???!!!!! EVERYONE at my wedding was shocked of how I looked, even my mother, which is impossible to gain her “like” when it comes to makeup. I ADORED how I looked. everything I wanted to see in me, Sandra showed it to me. She didn’t even leave me after she was done with my makeup. She helped me with my dress and headscarf. And she talked to me to calm me down. So for the first time in my life I went to a party with confidence and nervous-less!!!! Thankfully it was my party, my wedding!!! It’s been 4 month since my wedding and until this day my mother asks me of Sandra and all my friends too. No one will forget the beautiful, caring character, and the talented makeup artist that made my wedding the unforgettable hours in my life. Also, I will never forget what my husband whispered to me in our slow dance, he said: “You look the hottest of all times!”

I encourage EVERYONE, not just brides, who are picky and looking to look the HOTTEST to do their makeup with Sandra. She won’t treat you like a client, she will treat you as a BFF, and I loved it, from ALL my heart, Thanks for everything you’ve done for me and all women. God bless you”

— Shahad K Alrawi
“Sandra Saenz is one of a kind. I have been very fortunate to work with Sandra on different occasions during Sociedad Lola’s photo shoots (my T-shirt company) and have enjoyed every moment of it. She is a VERY talented, hardworking and creative makeup artist. Nor only she is on time and prepared, but always brings new and fresh ideas to the set. I absolutely love her work”.
— Marisol Lozada
"The best makeup teacher who I trusted with my wedding! For most women her wedding day is the most important day of her life. We want everything to be perfect. From makeup to shoes. However, Sandra did NOT do my makeup for my wedding, which is why I truly wanted to write this review. Since I got married in India (my husband is from India) our budget did not allow for us to cover her travel, stay, etc. But guess what? Sandra was able to work with me and my budget (as opposed to anyone else who wouldn’t have cared). Instead, she asked me what did I think about her giving me bridal makeup class so I could do it on myself. I had expressed concerned about anyone else doing my makeup down there (since I didn’t know anyone there). So I took the class, I learned and a month after (although I was a bit nervous yet sure of what I was doing) I can proudly say I was able to do my own makeup for my wedding and my pictures all looked great! Even Sandra asked me months after if I got it professionally done after all since all the pictures looked like I had professional makeup done lol!"
— Dr. Brenda Valdez
“Couldn’t have asked for a better Makeup Artist! Sandra was the perfect fit for me, understood the look I was going for and totally delivered for both my engagement and wedding party. Wouldn’t go to anyone else for any small or big occasion. She’s my go to girl!“
— Zena Darwazeh
“Sandra is by far the best makeup artist in the DFW area! She did my bridal makeup for my Bridal shower and wedding. She also did my mom and two sister’s makeup, we absolutely adored her! She is professional, sweet and makes you feel like a friend rather than a customer! She really takes the time to listen exactly what you want. I would recommend her to anyone who needs makeup done for any occasion! “
— Zainah Jubain
“From photo shots to special events, to doing sfx on a movie set for me: Sandra is a very versatile and fun makeup artist to work with. You will always have a good laugh and she will always make you feel comfortable. Very professional and personable. She has a very unique eye for what she does. I love that she knows exactly how to work with eyes, not all eyes were created equal, but Sandra will make sure they pop and make you feel beautiful. Totally recommend!”
— Jennifer Nuño
“Sandra did my makeup for my Bridal portraits. After that, she was the ONLY option I considered. She takes her time, and makes you feel absolutely beautiful from trial to the day of the photo shoot . My makeup came out perfect. It also helps that she’s a wonderful, fun, relaxed person to book!”
— Sofia Fields
“Sandra is awesome! She made me look and feel beautiful on my wedding day! I cried happy tears a million times on the big day and my makeup did not come off or smear one bit! Sandra really works magic!”
— Stafford Zapata
“Oh man I don’t even know where to start. Sandra is just amazingly talented and she knows exactly what will look good on you and what won’t. Her makeup skills are out of this world and you can see all her training shine thru when she starts to work. Sandra did my makeup for my engagement party, and i’ve never gotten that many compliments on my makeup as I did on my engagement. Everyone adored her work. She makes you feel so comfortable and beautiful that the whole makeup process is just pure joy. Sandra has one of the most amazing services i’ve personally experienced. She also went out of her way to my event to do some touch ups and make sure I looked my best. I gave Sandra no input of what I wanted (I just trusted her) and I’m glad I didn’t because the end result was breathtaking. Thank you so much Sandra for making me look beautiful, and I will always have my pictures to remind me what an amazing job you did”.

— Alia Awad
“Sandra is an Amazing and talented makeup artist. Her makeup looks very natural and flawless. I’ve had my makeup done with Sandra for many occasions including my big day. I absolutely loved the makeup everytime. It lasted the whole day and looked amazing in the pictures. My husband and I are so thankful to you for having an amazing wedding pictures! makeup is never a concern for me as long as I have a talented makeup artist like Sandra”
— Mariam Ahmado
“Sandra Saenz is a beautiful Makeup Artist inside out . She brings out the beauty God has given us . She has mastered the skills and knows her job well . Thanks for making me beautiful” .
— Aqua Ahmed
“I had the pleasure of meeting Sandra 3.5 years ago and she did my sister’s wedding makeup as well as the bridal party. Sandra did a phenomenal job on our makeup and made us feel at home and I love how she really takes time to make sure everything is perfect even in the midst of pure wedding chaos! Her job title not only entails makeup artist, but also includes being a therapist, shoulder to cry on, and honesty in regards to what looks good for each individual person and that’s what I love about her. I recently had her do my makeup for a family photo shoot and loved it and especially loved our last catch-up session =)”
— Huma Ali Khan
“My experience with Sandra Saenz was simply the best! Let me just start by saying that Sandra really pays attention to your needs and wants. In my eyes she is simply one of the best in her field. She is responsible (a quality many other makeup artists lack!). Not only did she helped me look better, but she also explained to me and taught me the importance of why we used the makeup we used and the techniques we did. For instance: why color correcting was important and why emphasizing my features as a bride was a must! I truly loved the look she did on me! It was exactly what I asked for”.

— Jessica Aguirre
“I had the pleasure of having Sandra do my bridal makeup. She did an amazing job during the pre-trial and my makeup looked beyond stunning on my wedding day! She had product recommendations to help prep my face before my big day. I was complimented by everyone I encountered that day on how my makeup was flawless and how I looked gorgeous! I am so honored to have had such a professional artist do my makeup. Thank you for making me a beautiful bride!”
— Bonnie Matsumoto
“Sandra did my Make-up for my wedding in 2013. My favorite thing about Sandra is that she is very patient and takes her time. During my Bridal Trial, she was in no rush and she did not stop until I got the look I wanted. When it came to my wedding day, Sandra made sure every stroke she made on my face was perfect. Her experience as a make-up artist is displayed by her professionalism, and skills. As a bride of Sandra’s, I would say she really made my day special by making sure I was confident and comfortable with my make-up on my big day”.
— Hanan Awad
“Sandra has done my makeup for different work and personal events. She has had the ability to work different styles on me due to the wide spectrum and requirement of each occasion and has delivered each and every time flawlessly! Sandra not only does your makeup but has a very welcoming attitude. I felt very comfortable while she was working on me”.
— Maria Garcia
“I trusted Sandra with one of the most monumental days of my life and she made me look like a real life doll. Her hands work magic!"
— Naheed Moomand
“Sandra has been my makeup artist for years now. She has been there for me for all my events and most importantly for my engagement party, engagement photo session and Wedding! I love working with her, most of the time I close my eyes and just have her work her magic without suggestions. I trust her taste completely. She can do every look and you will enjoy every minute of your makeup session. Everyone in my family uses her and I recommend her to everyone I know. If you’re looking for professional, polished-makeup that won’t ruin throughout your night out or big Day, then Sandra is the one; don’t go looking for anyone else. Thank you Sandra for exceeding my expectations every time!”
— Muyassar EL Khalili
“Sandra is extremely professional and does a wonderful job with her client’s makeup. She takes her time and does exactly what’s necessary before, during, and after applying her makeup– which is so important to me and what made me most comfortable with her. She preps and cleanses the skin before-hand, and makes sure the makeup is sweat and tear proof afterwards. Her work is beautiful and I recommend her to all my friends!”
— Jenine Gharbieh
“I personally experienced both reliability and satisfaction to have gotten exactly what I asked for. I love how you made me feel unique and important while doing my makeup even though I wasn’t getting married ( I was an attendee at a wedding) but your support respect and patience was what I enjoyed and I thank you so much for that. By the way Sandra, your professionalism brought me at ease and made me trust you with my skin!”
— Gabriela Martins
“Sandra I wanted to take the time to genuinely thank you for your services. You won me over last year when you took your time with the trial for my engagement party. You made sure I was extremely comfortable with the makeup before you left. This was more than I could ask for because you eliminated a huge source of stress on the big day because I trusted you. You not only are good at what you do, but you also cater to everyone’s facial structures. Which to me is most important. My mother, who almost never puts makeup on, was also extremely thrilled with her results. Everyone complimented us, especially my dad who usually is one to say no makeup is better. I only wish you could now be here with me in Gaza for my big day, but since that was not possible the makeup class I took with you was a huge relief. I never thought I would be able to contour and apply eye makeup. I can’t wait to send you pictures!”
— Mariam Muhanna
"Sandra! Good morning! You are the first one to say thank you, for you are such a great person. Thanks for everything you did. You did A good job”.
— Noor Gharbieh
“Sandra was a pleasure to work with. She has a lot of patience and spends time to figure out exactly what the bride wants and suits her face style and completion. She does an excellent job but budget in ample time for make up on your wedding day so you won’t be stressed out about timing”.
— Haneen Wadi